Best of CMW 2018 - Marianas Trench, Bif Naked, Ria Mae & More

May 16, 201863 minutes

Canadian Musician had a major presence at Canadian Music Week 2018 in Toronto, covering panels and keynotes, taking in showcases, and making connections across the conference.

Of course, we also had a chance to catch up with some of the biggest and best artists performing throughout the event, including: Marianas Trench, Bif Naked, Shawn Hook, Ria Mae, FrancisGotHeat, Kandle, Jesper Kyd, and Sophia Radisch.

Here, we share some short clips from the full interviews, discussing a myriad of diverse subjects like songwriting, live performance, beat production, landing endorsement deals, and more. You can find these full interviews and many others on Facebook at or our YouTube channel at

Artist interview times:

Shawn Hook - 2:40 Kandle - 6:40 FrancisGotHeat - 11:42 Ria Mae - 18:15 Sophia Radisch - 26:40 Jesper Kyd - 32:00 Bif Naked - 43:15 Marianas Trench - 52:30 & The Democratization of Music Publishing

May 9, 201844 minutes

In conversation with CEO & industry veteran Steve Stewart

Sing! The Popularity & Potential of the Vocal Arts

May 2, 201838 minutes

An interview with singer & Sing! co-artistic direcor Suba Sankaran

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