The State of Indie with CD Baby's Kevin Breuner

Apr 25, 201862 minutes

We had a wide-ranging conversation with Kevin Breuner, the VP of marketing for CD Baby and an independent musician himself. Since its inception 20 years ago, CD Baby has grown to become one of the largest distributors of independent music in the world and encompasses everything from CD and digital distribution to publishing, marketing, YouTube monetization, sync licensing, and direct-to-fan sales.

Kevin and Mike look at the current state of the independent music industry, talking about how streaming can be helpful for unsigned artists and whether the common criticisms of Spotify are fair, how Netflix is changing publishing, why downloads are dying faster than CDs, Facebook's music plans, and much more.

Hackathons & Singalongs - Music & Tech Guru Travis Laurendine

Apr 18, 201857 minutes

A conversation with music tech expert Travis Laurendine

The Collision of the Arts & Artificial Intelligence

Apr 11, 201859 minutes

Google Brain's Pablo Castro & musician David Usher

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