The SOCAN & SODRAC Merger & What It Means

Aug 15, 201832 minutes

SOCAN's Eric Baptiste on the historic merger w/ SODRAC & what it means

Rise of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence is changing music creation

Aug 8, 201835 minutes

A conversation with Amper Music CEO & Co-Founder Drew Silverstein about using AI to make music and how it'll change the music industry

Hip Hop's Evolution - In Conversation with Shad & D.O.

Aug 1, 201854 minutes

The past & present of hip-hip at home & abroad with Shad & D.O. Gibson

A Career Like No Other - One-on-One with @ThatEricAlper

Jul 11, 201854 minutes

Insights from one of the most influential figures in Canadian music

How SOCAN Gets You Paid - A PRO Primer

Jul 4, 201857 minutes

Understand SOCAN's innerworkings & get every cent you're owed

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